Leedy Grange Session

Welcome to IFD at Leedy Grange.
Dance and instruction is from 7:30 until 10:30.
First timers get in free.

Session Leader Donna Cole
Session Location
Leedy Grange
835 NW Saltzman Rd, Portland, OR 97229
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Admission $7.00 per person
Date and Time Monday, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

This is a lovely, welcoming session for all, especially people new to dance, in a wonderful historic building.

The following beginners dances have been taught at the Leedy Grange. You may sort the list, in most browsers, as you need, using the arrows at the top of each column.  Or, feel free to use the Search box to find a dance or choreographer or other term in the list.

NameTranslationYearChoreographerType (CLP)Link
Ma NavuHow Pleasant1956Raaya SpivakC
MayimWater Water1937Else DublonC
Tzadik KatamarThe Righteous [shall flourish] like a Palm Tree1965Jonathan GabayC6:06
Sham Harei GolanGolan Mts. Are Over There1971Jonathan GabayC9:33
Hora MeduraHora Campfire1963Yo’av AshrielC3:50
Debka DalunaDebka Daluna1959Yo’av AshrielC
HarishutThe Permit1972Sara Levi TanaiC
Hava NagilaLet’s Rejoice1960, 1965many peopleC
Zemer AtikAncient Song1956Rivka SturmanC0:00
Lo Ahavti DiI have not loved enough1977Yankale LevyC2:39
Hine Ma TovHow Good it Is1950Rivka SturmanC
Hora ChaderaChassidic tune about town of Chardera1972Yankale LevyC1:04
Eretz EretzLand Land1974Yankale LevyC
KatontiI Am Unworthy2013Oren AshkanaziC
Debka Lahat
(Mechol Halahat)
Debka Glow1968Yankele LevyL
YeverechechaYou Shall be BlessedRaaya SpivakC
Lech LamidbarGo to the Desert1952Yoav AshrielC
Yedid NefeshSoul Mate (spiritual)1971
Mochar Prachim Flower Seller1980David SwissaC11:20
B’alada L’amaayamBalad to the Spring (water)1983Shlomo MamanC7:39
Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu (Salam)Peace Shall Yet Come2006Levi BargilC
Al SadenuOver Our Field1971Benzi TiramC
Adama VeshamaayimEarth and Heavens2008Gadi BitonC
Patch DanceClap Dance1958Lilian ShapiroC, P
Tzur MisheloRock From Whose1972Yankale LevyC
Sulam YaacovJacob's ladder1972Jonathan GabayC

Sue Wendel also has her own blog, PIFD News, check it out. It is full of photos of the past month’s events.