Fulton Community Center Sunday Session

Welcome to Sunday Dance at Fulton Community Center with Donna Cole, the most energetic harkada in Oregon. We dance circles, couples and some lines, starting with beginning dances at 8 pm and progressing into intermediate dances around 9 pm. Usually there are four couples’ sets, ending with a final set from 11 pm to the close of the session.

Session Leader Donna Cole
Admission $4.00 ($5 on special or party nights)
Date and Time Sundays, 8:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Check the online Portland Israeli Dance Calendar for notifications of cancellations or schedule changes.
Session Location Fulton Community Center, 68 Southwest Miles St., Portland, OR 97219  Click here for a map.
Contact Information Donna Cole, 503-645-4160
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The following dances have been taught at the Sunday session.  You may sort the list in most browsers as you need using the arrows at the top of each column.  Or, feel free to use the Search box to find a dance or choreographer or other term in the list.

2107/05Tfilot2015ICItzik Ben DahanPrayers
2017/05Lo malachim2016ICTamir ShalevNot angels
2017/04Zahav2017IPGadi BittonGold
2017/04Ima Im Hayiti Yachol2016ICAvi LevyMother, if I could
2017/03Keren Or2016ICGadi BittonA ray of light
2017/02 (Seattle)Sipur Yashan2017IPSagi AzranOld Tale
2017/02Dvash B'sfatayim2016ICSagi Azran & Thai AvnaimHoney on the lips
2017/02Sorefet Rechavot2016ICDudu Barzilay & Tamir Shalev Dance Floors on Fire
2017/01Ruchot2016IPGadi BittonWinds
2016/11Silsulim2016ICGadi BittonFrills
2016/10Bechol Asher Telchi2015ICGadi BittonWherever you go
2016/09Inshallah2016ICMichael BarzalaiGod willing (arabic)
2016/09Ma Hen HaMIlim2016ICAvi LevyWhat are words?
2016/08She'yiye Bemazal2015ICDudu BarzilaiMay luck come to you
2016/7Birkat Haderech2014ICGadi Bittontraveler's prayer
2016/07Bricha2016IPNona MalkiEscape (run away)
2016/06Kululu2016ICSagi Azranululation
2016/05Melech Ha'olam2015ICRafi ZivKing of Everything
2016/05At Kmo HaRuach2015IPSagi AzranYou are like the wind
2016/04Derech Kol HaAhavot2015ICTamir ShalevWay of All The Loves
2016/03Lama Li Lama Lach2015 I P Yaron Ben Simchon Why to me, why to you
2016/02Mimi2015ICRafi Ziva person's name
2016/01Kshe'at Halacht2015IPSagi AzranWhen You Go
2015/12Maagalim2015ICGadi Bittoncircles
2015/11Rafsoda2015ICGadi Bittonraft
2015/11Hi Rak Rotzah Lirkod2015ICYaron Ben SimchonShe Just Wants to Dance
2015/10Nedudim2014ICRavi ZivWandering
2015/09She'tach Esh2015ICYaron Ben Simchonwar zone (firing range)
2015/09Derech HaShalom2015ICYaron MalichiRoad to Peace
2015/08Tipot2015ICRafi ZivDrops (raindrops)
2015/07Amnon V'Tamar2015ICGadi BittonCharacters from book of Shmuel/ Pansy flowerGadi dances
2015/07Marot2014ICAvi LevyImagesAvi teaches
2015/06Happy2014BLYaron Alfasifrom europe
2015/05Et Lirkod2015iCElad ShtamerTime to danceElad dances
2015/04Shma2012ICAvi LevyListenAvi dancing
2015/03Le'olam2003IPAvner NaimForever Maor teaches
2015/02Chag Ahava2005ICRafi ZivLove HolidayRafi dances
2015/01Ve'afilu Be'hastara2014ICRafi ZivAnd even in concealmentRafi dances
2014.09Haradio Hayashan2000ICViktor GabbaiThe Old Radiogroup dancing
2014/12Vatikach Miryam2014ICSagi AzranAnd Miriam tookSagi teaches
Sagi dances in France
2014/11Ha'oto Sheli Hayofi Shelach2013ICYaron Ben Simchon My car your beauty
dancing in London
2014/08Matanot Katonot2014ICGadi Bittonsmall gifts Gadi Teaches and Dances
2014/08Vilner Gaon2010ACMitch GinsburghThe Gaon of VilnaDance
2014/08Hamanginah Hayashana1989ICIsrael ShikorThe Old MelodyChinese folkdance group
2014/08Olam Hafuch2000ICJack OchayonWorld upside downOhad Atiya teaches
Jack dances
2014/08Halev2013ICGadi BittonThe heartTeach and Dance
2014/07Derech2012IPYaron Ben SimchonRoadNisim demos
2014/07Shma Bekoli2013ICDudu BarzilaiHear meDudu dances
2014/07Kama At Yafa2013ICDana MonaHow beautiful you aredance
2014/06Dvash VeChalav2000ICAvner NaimHoney and MIlkAvner dances
2014/05Sodot2013ICDudu BarzalaisecretsDudu dances
2014/04Sipur Chayai2013ICRafi ZivStory of my LifeRafi dancing
2014/04Mamri'im2007ICRafi ZivTaking Off(pl.)Rafi dancing
children dancing
2014/04HaAyara Shel Tuvia2011ICVictor GabbayThe town of Tuviadance
2014/04Achshav Linshom2013IPTuvia TishlerNow breathedance
2014/03Olam2013ICGadi BittonWorld (Everything)dance
2014/01Zemer Nugeh1977BCYankele LevyMelancholy Song
2014/01Chibuk Bachashecha2007ICOren AshkenaziA Hug in the Darkness
2014/01Kol Niderei1990BCShmulik Go AviAll My Vows
2013/12Ein Od Milvado2012ICAvi LevyThere's no other than him (God)
2013/12Mishamayim2013ICShlomo MamanFrom Heaven
2013/12Kshe'tavo Tire2005IPAvi LevyWhen You Come You'll See
2013/12Nitzmadnu2007BCRafi ZivWe Got Close
2013/11Eifo At HaYom2013ICMoshe TwilliWhere are you (f) today?
2013/10BaLaila2013ICGadi BittonIn the Nightdance
2013/10Kul Shi Kulam2013ICGadi Bittondance
2013/07Yesh Sham Bama2012ICGadi BittonThere's a Stage Here
2013/07Katonti2013ICOren AshkenaziI'm Unworthy
2013/04 Gam Ani Rotze2004ICRafi ZivI Also Wantdance
2013/03 Kama Tov She Nif'gashnu2012ICKobi MichaeliHow Great We Met
2013/03 Kol Mila2012IPNona MalkiEvery Word
2013/02 Hahar Hayarok1980BCBentzi TiramThe Green Mountain
2013/02 Mei Nahar2011ICYaron Ben SimchonWaters of the River
2013/01 Tzchorat Kanaf2011ICAvi LevyPure White-Winged Doveinstruction & dance
2013/01 Dror Yikra1965BCMoshiko HaLevyFreedom Shall he Proclaim
2012/12Yedid Nefesh1971BCJonathan GabayBeloved of my Soul
2012/12 Bati Eleicha 2011ICEyal OzeriI Came to You
2012/10 I BelieveAni Ma'amim1993BCAvner Naim
2012/10 Matchil Mechadash2012ICOren AshkenaziIt Begins Again
2012/09Shar 2012ICDudu Barzilay Sings
2012/09 Behar Hagilboa1986BCSefi AvivOn Mt. Gilboa
2012/08 Ve' Ani Shar2012IPAvi LevyAnd I Sing
2012/08 Ashrei Ha'ish1982BCDani DassaHappy is the Man
2012/07 Or Chadash2001BCGadi BittonNew Light
2012/07 Homiya Sheli2011ICNurit MelamedYearning Soul
2012/06 Shir Le' Asaf 2011ICGadi BittonSong for Asaf
2012/05K'she Ani Mitahev2011IPMishal CohenWhen I Fall in Love
2012/05 Na'ale Na'ale1986BCShmulik Gov AriWe'll RIse Up (to Israel)
2012/04 TfilatI1994BCAvner NaimMy Prayer
2012/03Remez1989BPMeir Shem TovHint
2012/03 Nevatim1985BCShlomo MamanBuds of Spring
2012/03 Sodcha2010IPIsrael ShabtayYour Secret
2012/01Ashrei Ha'ish1982BCDani DassaBlessed is the Man
2012/01Lech Lech Lamidbar1950BCFolkGo, Go to the Desert
2012/01Or Chadash1999ICVictor GabbayNew Light
2012/01Givah Achat2009ICRafi ZivOne Hill
2012/01Hamalach Ha' Goel Oti2010ICYuval TabashiMy Guardian Angel
2011/12Lo Matzati2010ICGadi BittonI Did Not Find
2011/10Boi Nivrach2009IPDudu BarzilayLet's Escape
2011/10Le'Kolcha2010IPNona MalkiFor your voice
2011/10Rokdim Al Ha Mayim2010ICRafi ZivDancing on the Water
2011/09Kashkaval2010ICRafi ZivFrench Cheese
2011/09Kashkaval2010ICRafi ZivCheese
2011/09Sodcha2010IPIsrael ShabtayYour Secret
2011/09Tfilat Ha Derech2011ICYaron Ben SimchonTravelleer's Prayer
2011/08Tishmeru Al Azmechem2008ICDudu BarzilayTake Care of Yourselves
2011/07Beautiful2011ICGadi BittonBeautiful
2011/06Shir Hakirva *2002IPRafi ZivSong of Closeness
2011/04Kanir'e2009ICYaron Ben SimchonApparently
2011/03She'Yavo *2010IPAvner NaimLet Him Come
2011/02At Li Habayit2010ICGadi BittonYou Are Home
2011/01Adon Olam2010BCGadi BittonMaster of the Universe
2011/01Shtayim Belayala *2010IPBarzilayTwo in the Morning
2010/10Bimkom Preida2010ICGadi BittonInstead of Parting
2010/10Me' Ever Lakatuv *2010IPGadi BittonBehind the Scripture
2010/09Ilan2010ICElad ShtamerIlan
2010/08Shuva Habayta2009ICVictor GabbayReturn Home
2010/07Meohav Ad Hashamayim2010ICDudu BarzilayIn Love Up to the Sky
2010/05Shomreni El2009ICDudu BarzilayPreserve Me, God
2010/04Lifnei Shenifradim1991ICMarco Ben ShimonBefore We Part Lifnei Shenifradim
2010/03Medurat Hashevet2007ICGadi BittonTribal Campfiredance with instruction
2010/02Elohim Ta'se Shenigdal2009ICShmulik Gov AriGod Makes Us Growdance
2010/01Toda1986BCYossi AbuhavThanks
2008Reach Menta1996ICRafi ZivScent of MintRafi dances
2003Yoshvim B'Beit Kafe2001IPGadi Bitton & Yaron Ben SimchonSitting in a Coffee House
99futureAfrita2013IPGadi BittonImp(f Arabic)instruction
99futureOd Me'at2001IPZe'ev BenedictSoondance
1970?Shnei Shoshanim1968BPEliyahu GamlielTwo RosesOhad teaches (in Hebrew)
Yaacov dances
99futureStatus Meohav2014IPDudu BarzalaiStatus of love